RESTCONN VENDOR SHOWCASE: IPitimi enables call centers with SMS resulting in improved customer service, support, and a better customer experience using RestcommONE

By July 20, 2017Podcast

Greg Nielsen, CEO of IPitimi, enthusiastically discusses the new wave of communications with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication. He conveys to the listener how he enhanced his call center experience for his call center customers and their clients by enabling their dial in numbers with SMS. He then channeled the incoming text messages to a separate staff to handle 4 to 5 text messages at a time.

Based on current trends, younger people prefer to text and this new call center option is a direct response to that trend.  The result has been improved support and increased business for those taking advantage of the SMS option.

Greg Nielsen

There are two great advantages about using the RestcommONE based solution.  As a carrier, you do not have to have control of the DID.  You can enable any number for SMS since it is a separate mode of communication for a number.  This means that you can approach other carrier’s customers and provide SMS texting service to them.

In the case of IPitimi, they developed the software using RestcommONE and in a short period of time were able to implement the solution.  Since it has been installed at several call centers and has been successful, IPitimi felt that it was time to share the technology with other carriers/enterprise. They places the application in the RestcommONE Market Place.

The RestcommONE Market Place is a one-stop-shop for carriers.  Communications capabilities that you may need to offer have already been developed by other carriers and then they have placed their technology in the store for other carriers.  No need to spend the time and dollars on development when it may have already been developed.

One of the best features of the technology is that it does not disrupt your current technology, it enhances it.  No need to rip out the old, just add on the new features to your current solution.

This is a fun discussion about some of the best new communications capabilities available today. The RestcommONE technology is installed in 80% of the level 1 carriers around the world so you know it is solid and will support your high QoS standards.

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