SIP Trunking is a circuit that uses IP technology instead of legacy phone lines to connect to your on premise PBX with an internet telephone provider, enabling VoIP phone service. Because SIP Trunking carries voice calls on a data network, it can also carry data traffic, eliminating the need for separate circuits for voice and data.inFOLIO Research Group

Businesses are favoring SIP trunking over the T1 line, because SIP can carry both voice and data over a data line, eliminating the need for separate voice and data circuits. But that’s just the basic of it. This article should give you a deeper understanding of how this technology modernize business communication.[/vc_column_text]


Easily connect multiple locations allowing you to leverage resources between offices to reduce staff and operations costs.



ISDN services are limited to channel blocks, often requiring customers to over purchase and takes days to add

additional channel blocks

Channel blocks come with allocated phone numbers assigned to specific locations

Lower voice quality because of limited bandwidth deliverability options with no ability for failover

ISDN requires the purchase of a PRI at each location which can be costly. Increased overhead with the need to over purchase channel blocks causes ISDN to be costly

 SIP Trunking


Ability to purchase as many or as little trunks required. Trunks can be added within minutes unlike ISDN channels

Assign phone numbers from virtually anywhere. Divert the numbers to other locations easily – allowing

failover to multiple office sites which is especially useful in disaster recovery situations

Higher level of voice quality from end to end because SIP can be delivered across high bandwidth connections.

Never have to rely on a single connection because of automatic failover options

SIP Trunking can significantly reduce costs over ISDN. No need to purchase PRIs and channels can be dynamically added or subtracted as needed

View this simple yet informative info-graph about the benefits of SIP Trunking:

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