Customer experience and satisfaction are important in a business and its contact center. That is why management always tries to find the best solution to every problem that hinders customer satisfaction. But how can we make sure that we provide the right solution if we can’t fully understand the problem?

One challenge among contact centers is the call volume and the abandonment rate.

People nowadays dislike waiting on hold for long periods of time. Most consumers are using social media to express their dissatisfaction, and this could possibly damage your company’s reputation.

Today, callback solutions have become the smartest and most cost-effective way to lower abandonment rates and improve customer retention.

Callers can now have the ability to choose whether they wait on hold or get a call-back. IPitimi’s Call-Back Solution is an affordable and practical way for businesses to improve their call center operations, save time, money and their customers’ patience.

Did you know that 97% of customers stated that more contact centers should offer this solution?

See infographic below and learn what are the indications of a contact center’s need for a callback solution and how it can affect its operations.  To learn more about how the IPitimi Call-Back Solution works, contact us today!