Here are a few tips on how contact center managers can keep their agents motivated:[/vc_column_text]


Set the right tone in your working environmentдостоинства и недостатки пластиковых и деревянных окон

Start by offering a clean working space for your agents with equipment conducive to good performance. Make sure to also build a welcoming and warm environment where they would feel valued, respected and fairly treated.

Provide the right tools and training

There will be agents who sincerely wanted to do a great job but just doesn’t know how to start or how to handle challenging situations. Share tips on how to improve productivity and quality of service. Provide refresher trainings.

Be a member of your teamboss-and-employees-working-together_1133-133

We all like being complimented and rewarded for doing a good job. No matter how challenging one’s job is, it is our nature to feel good when praised. Use variety of methods to reward excellence and try implementing incentive schemes that would encourage top performing agents to keep up the good work. Pat their backs because they deserve it!

Encourage agents to share suggestions for improvements

Nobody knows best what does and does not work for customers than the agents themselves. Listen to them attentively, be open to their suggestions and try to implement them. Find ways to actively communicate the result of their ideas, why it did and did not work.

There will be times when a dedicated agent will find themselves challenged with their performance stats. Show them that they still have your respect in their skill and expertise. Guide them in finding areas of opportunities and trust that they can apply their new learning to improve their performance.

Share and celebrate successbusinessman-being-throwing-up-by-his-teamwork_23-2147504319