IP Trunking

If you run a business, particularly a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you are probably weighing how you can economically and easily migrate to the benefits of a VoIP solution while not immediately abandoning the investment you have made in your existing PBX/Key system and handsets.

IP Trunking from IPitimi is the solution that will allow you to make that move by giving you the ability to:

  • purchase a limited number of lines to match your communications costs closely to your actual business needs
  • consolidate your data and voice bills to lower expensive phone bills due to long distance calls and the taxes that go with them
  • leverage your existing Internet connection for both data and voice while providing the ability to add enhanced calling features not already provided by the existing PBX or Key Set
  • streamline your communications platform and enjoy immediate and significant economic advantages while smoothly transitioning to a hosted VoIP service
  • provide new generation network to enhance your mobility by leveraging IPitimi’s national network

Why IP Trunking

Making your move to VoIP is not as challenging a proposition as you might think. Look at a typical “before” scenario. As depicted in the first illustration below, voice and data reside on separate networks within the infrastructure, with separate cost centers and, usually, separate support staffs as well.

However, with IP Trunking implemented at your PBX site, all of that changes by leveraging your data connection to simultaneously serve both your data and voice needs. As shown in the second illustration below, a certified Integrated Access Device (IAD) which is simply installed at your location connects to our national network via a broadband connection.  This configuration provides access to DIDs (phone numbers) nationwide—and can also lower or eliminate your long distance bills.

IP Trunking and A la Carte Services

IP Trunking services can also be ordered with powerful Class 5 user feature overlays such as Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring and Sequential Ring.  These advanced features can be used to supplement those features not already provided by an existing PBX or legacy phone switch.

The Summary of IP Trunking

Whether SIP trunks are your first step in planned migration to hosted, or your final solution into your own system, SIP Trunking facilitates the changes you need to make your business more profitable and competitive. It allows you to make your move right now, and establish a platform that will serve your expanding business requirements by:

  • Leveraging your existing data connection to connect your PBX to our proprietary network, enabling more economical telecommunication services
  • Facilitating a “cap-and-grow” strategy while transitioning to VoIP, as well as facilitating your long term objectives of moving to a wide range of possibilities that include premise based or hosted Unified Communications or VoIP PBX solution.