The Holidays are here once again! It’s that time of the year when households feel merrier with special dinners, family get-togethers, putting up Christmas trees and lighting up everything with holiday decorations. But for businesses, it may not be always like that.

The Holidays represent a hectic time for businesses. Keeping more flexible or restricted hours, and trying to continue business operations and productivity with fewer employees, as people take vacation time or attempt to work away from the office. Managing all this is sometimes not very merry at all.


Many of today’s UC platforms allow business to lift that burden off their shoulders.workspace-closed-for-vacation_1172-9 Your team members may be planning to be away from the office, but do they still want to be able to work? Unified communications and collaboration can make that happen.

UC and collaboration platforms keep all your communication applications from email, SMS, voicemail, web conferencing etc. in one place and make it accessible across mobile devices. When your staff are planning to be away for the holidays, team members can stay connected real-time simply with an internet connection.

With today’s aid from UC and collaboration there will no longer be a need to sacrifice your company’s productivity or your employees’ precious time with their families. If staying productive this holiday season is on your “wish-list”, then consider it granted with Unified Communications on your side. Get in touch with an IPitimi consultant today to learn how to get started.