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  Setting the Bar for an Exceptional Customer Experience: Cloud Care

IPitimi sets a higher standard for our Cloud Care. We believe that the company providing your communication platform is more than just a service provider; but rather a partner in your business and your success.We are dedicated to serving the small business market, so we know the challenges you face daily: cost pressure, resource challenges, and inflexible deadlines. By taking care of any and all challenges and obstacles to your communication system, you can enjoy more time and flexibility to focus on how you make money. Our phone services, systems, and call center solutions will grow in correlation with your company, so that you always have the support you need to succeed. By solving your business communication challenges, we better empower you to offer outstanding service to your clients and customers.

 Our CC Customer Service is more than just Lip Service

Exceptional Service means offering a total customer-centered experience for everyone with whom we interact.At IPitimi, we demonstrate this by having:

  • Representatives available to you support your IPitimi Services.
  • Calls answered promptly with little or no hold time.
  • Representatives working to support your business, not just your phone system.
  • Experts who value your time.

  It is okay to Keep Score!

Exceptional Cloud Care is marked by the following:

  • Single Call Resolution – No matter what you need help with, as an initial customer or a long-time user, IPitimi is committed to answering all of your questions and completely resolving your issue on the first call.
  • Easy Access – Everything from our VoIP phones to our mobile phone applications -expert help is available to provide you simple and easy ways to control your technology
  • Reliability – Not only can you rely on IPitimi to deliver products and services on time and have your communication system up and running ASAP, but you can trust us to maintain your system and take care of all of your unified communication needs.

Our #1 goal is to have 100% Satisfaction every time…an aggressive goal, but one worth pursuing!