Unified Communications

Number of great services that would reduce your business’ monthly telephone bill by consolidating yourtelephone and data services into a single interface. These solutions provide integrated voice, messaging,collaboration and presence capabilities that would effectively increase employee efficiency and productivity.


Reduce telephone tag and missed calls. Some of the features available with our hosted service not only offer reduced cost compared to an ordinary PBX system, but allow more effective call management by reducing the number of unanswered calls as well as freeing up employee time for more important revenue-generating tasks wherever they might be.

  • Find Me/Follow Me – Call forwarding, simultaneous ring and sequential ring allow employees to answer calls in the field when their office number is dialed.
  • Remote Office – Remote employees have access to all of their in-office features, including extension dialing, transfers, conference calls, Outlook integration, directories, and more. Their caller id will display in the same manner as if they were in the office, so the person on the other end of the call does not know otherwise.
  • Auto Attendant – This feature fields inbound calls and directs them to the intended destination through automated interaction with the caller. Once connected to the Auto Attendant, the caller is played a greeting that provides a menu of options to complete call routing.
  • Hunt Group – Hunt group allows incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among the members of that group according to a hunting policy, such as simultaneous, circular, regular, weighted and uniform.
  • Call Control Toolbar – The Call Control Toolbar is a desktop communications management product for everyday users of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox with our hosted PBX service. With the Call Control Toolbar, employees can manage their incoming and outgoing messages, maintain up-to-date connection information and configure controls on their calls and voicemail. Also, with the click of a mouse, a user can make calls from active web pages, their Outlook Directories and open emails.


Direct all of your messages to one email inbox with the following services:

  • Voicemail – Along with standard voicemail functions, this service enables users to forward every incoming voicemail as an audio attachment to a designated email account.
  • IP Fax Solution – This service gives your business the ability to receive incoming faxes via email. Beyond convenience, this service ensures the privacy of your communications.
  • Salesforce Integration – Used in conjunction with the CRM features in Salesforce, employees can use their calling features, such as: call control, call hold and call transfer from within the Salesforce web portal. . They will also be able to automatically log all calls within Salesforce to track their client communications.


Employee collaboration is a key ingredient to a successful business. IPitimi’s  services allow
employees and disparate work groups to work effectively together, from anywhere:

  • Conferencing Bridge – This feature allows users to hold scheduled, recurring, non-reservation and ad-hoc conferences.
  • Instant Call Group – Instant Call Group allows a user to hold unscheduled conferences with a pre-designated group of members. Members are called using a single number and as the members answer, they are joined into a multi-way conference.


With the hosted solutions below, users can see an employee’s current availability, allowing a user
to conduct business uninterrupted and alert others once they have become free to communicate:

  • Attendant Console – This feature enables a user (for example, a receptionist) to monitor the calling status (off-hook, on-hook, do not disturb, etc.) of a configurable set of users in the user’s business group. This service provides critical call detail and group member status for effective attendant call routing.
  • Receptionist Console – Receptionist Console is an intuitive attendant console that manages high volume call distribution for front-desk operators through remote control of their desk phone. In addition to integrated contact status and messaging, it has many other features that include call statistics and integration into enterprise-level repositories and services.