The single location call center of the 1990’s hardly had reason for a technology like SD-WAN just as it didn’t for VoIP at the time. Call centers have always been at the forefront of the technology innovation wave just as it was an early adopter of VoIP. While VoIP brought with it a new wave of efficiency, it introduced a new complexity because call centers dependence on the voice quality corresponded proportionally to the quality of their internet network as well. Therefore, MPLS networks, even though expensive, became the requirement utilized by the industry to maintain that reliability and high call quality that top performing contact centers demanded.

This, however, has shifted again.  Now most of the applications used by contact center agents are being centralized rather than distributed at each individual location on premise system, causing an even greater demand on the network beyond just basic voice requirements. The increase of social media, video, and text chat along with other related applications are new tools being utilized that further strain a networks capabilities. This conflux of multiple data stream requirements can be burdensome on any network, but with the right SD-WAN solution, contact centers can simply and simultaneously deliver superior customer experience and improved reliability levels while reducing network costs.

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