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Over the past few years, organizations have developed a greater need for availability from their workers in order to support more diverse markets, time zones, and customers. Availability is translated to Mobility, as we are able to engage and connect with employees, regardless of their location. On the employees end, the concept of Mobility provides the freedom to step away from the cubicle, and extend to the car, coffee shop, and even the beach. This can allow for a greater sense of autonomy, and promote creativity and satisfaction. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Mobility, or the ability to stay connected through features and applications, has become a larger demand in the modern workplace. It’s what we call a “Win-Win” for everyone.kahovka-service

Mobility has grown from a simple concept into a full range of unique applications to cater to many different types of workers and industries. From the simple to the robust, Mobility applications have opened businesses to a world of possibilities, catered to their individual needs.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

So what type of applications are we talking about?

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A simple example is a feature called Simultaneous Ring Personal.

On a typical home phone line (if you remember the days before cell phones), you could have multiple phones all ring at the same time when your home number is called. Once one of the phones is answered, like the kitchen phone, the others stop ringing, like the phone in your bedroom.

What if our office phones could behave the same way? That’s exactly what Simultaneous Ringing Personal does. This feature allows you to register multiple phones to ring simultaneously each time you receive a call, even if that phone has a different phone number (like your mobile phone). That way, you can answer the call on multiple phones, making the call available from almost anywhere.

What if you need to do more than just answer the phone?

The IPitimi One Communicator takes an interestingand robust approach to Mobility. Along with the traditional functions of making and receiving calls, you also have access to Instant Messaging, Presence, Video Calling and Desktop Sharing features. Communication nowadays is so much more than just making and receiving audio calls. The number of creative ways to communicate in the 21st century is rapidly growing, and the applications to support this communication are growing along with them.

When it comes down to it, business is changing and so is the way we communicate. No longer are we imprisoned by the constraints of the cubicle, but open to the world of possibilities. Because of freedom of Mobility, companies are benefiting from a higher accessibility and satisfaction of their workers, influencing the productivity and strength of their business as a whole. It’s the new age of communication.

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