Here at IPitimi, we acknowledge and greatly appreciate the intelligence and leadership of our women on the team. More than half of our team is comprised of women, and their own actions and attitudes certainly helped them earn the respect they receive. We are proud of women and any minorities trying to reach their goals in such a competitive industry like technology. Here are some tips that may assist you as a woman or minority in your pursuit of accomplishing your professional goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

1. Always Stay Passionate

You came into the industry for a reason. Narrowing in on one goal that inspires you will help you stay focused.бизнес

Remember, it is a competitive industry. You are intelligent, but so are many others. Everyone will be seeking after the same opportunities, so strive to challenge your own personal limit at all times. But you can’t do that unless you are truly motivated and passionate about the projects you are engaging in and the knowledge you are gaining.

Your time spent in other departments and your past experiences provide you with unique perspectives for your job, so always be open to learning from other people. Invest in yourself, look for opportunities, and do not be afraid to fail– that’s how you learn in especially the fast­paced technology industry. You will grow so much more by embracing your mistakes and taking feedback from others than by asking for permission for everything and doing exactly what is told.

Know what your strengths and weaknesses are and explore your personality thoroughly and use them to your advantage because the knowledge of yourself can actually become a valuable asset to you. Are you good at public speaking? Do you excel in staying organized? There are many traits that help you stay confident and double as transferable skills that you may utilize to succeed in the workplace.

You do not need to know everything. What you need is the willingness and ability to learn as you work. Getting on a side project that was not required of you could motivate you to learn and apply new skills. Joining or leading organizations or initiatives that create a female­friendly environment can be very empowering as well. You will gain more support from your colleagues and managers by always staying visible.

Try finding yourself a mentor and take advantage of all the resources she can provide. A mentor provides you with much more than just knowledge, experiences, and training in the ever­changing technology environment.

A like­minded guidance figure can lead you a long way by constantly pushing you to your limits and inspiring you to try out new ideas. Whether this mentor figure is a superior, colleague, or professor of a side class you are taking, they will spend the time to help you as long as you are passionate.